Avansee – the fully preloaded Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) injector system from Kowa.

Avansee was first launched in Japan in 2007.  The initial 3P spherical models were followed by a fully pre-loaded, single-use spherical Avansee injector system AvanseePreset in 2010.

AvanseePreset was originally launched in Germany and Italy in 2014, and has since gone on to enter Switzerland, Benelux, Austria, Greece and France.

The most recent additions to Kowa’s growing ophthalmology portfolio are the Avansee Preload1P and Avansee Preload1P Toric injector systems.  The Avansee Preload1P was launched in Japan in 2016 and entered the European market in early 2017, with the Avansee Preload1P Toric featuring its unique Progressive Axial Correction (PAC) technology entering in early 2020.

Kowa remain a leader in the Japanese IOL market, the second largest market in the world.

Setting clinical standards for a wide range of ophthalmic conditions.

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