AvanseePreset is the new fully preloaded IOL system from Kowa.

Launched in Japan in 2007, over 600,000 Avansee lenses have been sold to date, whilst over 200,000 AvanseePreset units have been sold since launch in Japan in 2010.1,2

AvanseePreset is a foldable posterior chamber aspheric hydrophobic monofocal IOL. AvanseePreset IOL is placed in the capsular bag and is designed for implantation after phacoemulsification of cataracts.3

AvanseePreset allows reliable, reproducible and controlled lens insertion,4 offering optimal visual acuity with minimal post-operative complications.2,5,6

Fully Preloaded

AvanseePreset is a fully preloaded IOL system allowing preparation for IOL insertion in 2 simple steps:

  • ensuring sterility and accurate IOL loading
  • providing controlled and reproducible delivery of a foldable aspheric hydrophobic monofocal IOL

Technical Card


Original design4

The original design of AvanseePreset — including the lubricated injector lining and the soft, flexible lens — offers a low, consistent and homogeneous delivery force:

  • minimising IOL damage or deformation during insertion7
  • facilitating accurate IOL insertion within the capsular bag4
  • providing comfort and control during surgery4

Review paper

Controlled unfolding4,7,8

AvanseePreset’s original design facilitates controlled lens unfolding after insertion ensuring shape recovery and optical quality restoration

Optimal visual acuity5,6

Avansee is safe and effective for the correction of visual acuity in the majority of aphakic eyes

Stable within the capsular bag9

Avansee does not cause zonular stress or transformation of the capsular bag and its soft, flexible haptics with a large contact area are unlikely to damage the eye


Avansee retains the spherical aberration (SA) of the eye, and is therefore less affected in conditions of decentration or tilt compared to IOLs with a greater SA corrective power


There have been no reports of glistening with Avansee since launch in 2007

Proven long-term safety2

Over 600,000 Avansee lenses sold since launch in 2007 with 22 reports of adverse events (0.003%) and 2 reports of serious adverse events (0.0003%)

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